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como!come! has selected a wide range of stylish items, including golf and sporting goods.
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como!come! has selected a wide range of stylish items, including golf and sporting goods.
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Some of our products are also sold in brick-and-mortar stores (as wholesale sales), so depending on the timing of your purchase, they may be out of stock after you complete your order. Thank you for your understanding.

What is como!come! ?

como!come! is a golf equipment brand that develops golf accessories such as golf bags, putter covers, head covers, and practice equipment.


AWESOME! como!come! golf accessories

Established in 2003, como!come! became popular among Japan LPGA, which was rapidly gaining attention at the time. At the time, most golf equipment was still geared toward men, so the colorful, pop design of como!come! Top professionals who had won several tournaments used como!come! head covers to boost the women's tour world. Then there is the women's pro who went to the US LPGA and won 25 tournaments around the world and is now a legend. I am proud to say that she always had a putter cover with a Smiling Face motif of "como!come! We are a small company, but we are a brand that has further refined products with this kind of background and offers them to golfers all over the world.

What is Clutch Player?

Clutch Player is a brand based on the concept of "sporty and casual".  It is a men's golf apparel brand that seamlessly connects the fairway and the street.


Changing clothes on the golf course? Is that the Japanese style?

In Europe and the U.S., not many people bring a change of clothes with them when they go golfing, unless it is a very prestigious members-only club, When they leave their house, just change into golf shoes at the parking lot and go straight to the course.When they leave home and arrive at the golf course, only change into golf shoes in the parking lot and go on to play.After playing, they usually go straight back to the parking lot.They do not change their clothes at the locker.
Clutch Player's goal is to create a fashion that seamlessly connects the golf course and the street.We want to keep the sophisticated fashion sense of our 20's, and wear it stylishly in our 30's and 40's.We also want to keep the golf mindset as a sport.
Targeting such golfers, we offer products with simple but functional design and excellent cost performance.


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Company Profile

[Company name]
COMOCOME Design Studio Co., Ltd.

January 2003

[Business description]
Planning / manufacturing / retailing / wholesale and import / export of clothing and sporting goods

[Development brand]
comoc! come!
Clutch Player

Como Come Design Studio Inc.
3-1-12-603 Matsugaya, Taito-ku, Tokyo Kappa D.C
TEL : +81-3-6802-8366

Company Address

Representative Director, Shinichi Hirose

Chief operations officer

Please note that we do not wholesale.
Orders are accepted 24 hours a day.
We are closed on weekends, holidays, summer holidays, and New Year's holidays.

About our stores

Recommended products

Here are some of como!come!'s recommended golf items and apparel.

Practice tools

Made in Japan, STM grip golf swing training machines. You can learn the knack of natural face turns and swing with a real club-like timing because the shaft is flexible.

Ball cleaner

Putter cover holder "Baby-Tail" and ball cleaner combined. When not in use, connect it to the putter cover and put it in your pocket!With this, you can wipe the ball down quickly.


This is a new brand of men's apparel from the well known golf accessories company como!come!.This is a new brand of golf apparel with stylish designs and quality like famous brands at a price close to petit-price.

Head cover

The popular character "Baby Skull" from como!come! has just barely made it into 3D. This is a plush DR head cover. The inside is a fluffy cushion that perfectly blocks the impact from the outside. We hope you'll love it!

Yushi Okuyama's lesson videos by objective

Pro-golfer Yushi Okuyama's lessons are highly regarded for being practical and easy to understand. They are supported by a wide range of players, from professionals to amateurs. His precise guidance, utilizing professional techniques and experience, is highly beneficial for those aiming to improve their golf skills. Additionally, his popularity is further evidenced by the strong support he receives from celebrity golfers.

Click here for a collection of videos of Yushi Okuyama's lessons by objective.

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